After 16 years (1996-2012) of being Business Partners McTigue and Spiewak are taking their business ventures in separate directions. Both land surveyours are still offering their surveying services and can be reach at the links below.

If you would like to reach McTigue & Associates, Ltd. please click on the following link to his new web-site:
If you would like to reach Andrew Spiewak Land Surveyor, Inc. please click on the following link to his new web-site:
John D McTigue
Andrew F Spiewak

Land Surveying Frequently Asked Questions

To help you to understand the steps to follow in land surveying or civil engineering projects, find the answers to a few commonly asked questions.


Land Surveying

Providing an indispensable service to attorneys, builders and land developers, as well as homeowners throughout the Chicagoland six-county area, and southeastern Wisconsin, McTigue & Spiewak, Inc. is available for all types of land surveying work The professionals provide expertise in land surveys of all types.

Land Surveying Services

For professional or homeowner, we prepare mortgage surveys or ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for real estate closings, refinancing or building permits, as well as Plats of Subdivision / Resubdivision, Plats of Easement or Plats of Vacation. Attorneys, contractors or land developers will appreciate our service in:

Condominium Surveying

We specialize in new construction condominium surveys or condominium conversion of existing buildings, delineating the limits of ownership, both horizontal and vertical, for each unit, and those areas of shared ownership within the condominium association.

Construction SURVEYING

Special Purpose Land Surveying Services